Services Offered

Comprehensive overhaul consists of complete disassembly, ultrasonic cleaning with biodegradable soap, hand cleaning, and plastic media blasting. We have purchased a mass finishing machine which is a hi-tech tumbler. We are now able to give rebuilt carburetors a good-looking surface finish to the time-worn castings; this is an even and attractive surface finish. New standard or oversize throttle shafts, jets, correct metering needles, and float valves are installed, plus most hardware is replaced with replated items. Carburetors are adjusted to meet all factory specifications. Should you require, we can also supply and fabricate custom linkage.  

We can also supply new or rebuilt carburetors to meet many of your requirements.

Installation of new throttle shaft and bush only.  

We are a supplier (British Superior) of replacement S.U and Zenith carburetor parts and pieces. Having repaired British cars and components since 1973, Joe has been able to add own expertise to existing product lines. We are now able to assemble and supply a rebuild kit that includes the common and uncommon parts needed to rebuild a SU carburetor as well as Zenith CD carburetors. Custom kits are possible; parts can be supplied for your special project.  

Replacement throttle shafts, individual carburetor components and floats, both new and used, are in stock. 

We have an extensive inventory of used carburetors as well as a selection of intake manifolds so, if you are in need of a component or piece of an SU or Zenith Stromberg carb, give us a try!