About Us

Joe Curto, Inc. is a full service provider for S.U, Zenith Stromberg and some Solex carburetors. We can supply most parts, new and used, pre- and post-war. Kits, shafts, and flexible lines are our specialty. We are a re-builder of S.U and Zenith Carburetors. While we specialize in fuel system components, we have many other contacts for other British car parts so if you have a need, please do not hesitate to inquire about other contacts and parts and pieces we can provide.

In business since 1973, Joe Curto, Inc. offers high quality products and services with reasonable prices. For more information, call Joe Curto, Inc.

We are one of the prime suppliers of specialty items, replacement throttle shafts, jets, and rebuilding kits for S.U carburetors.