Rebuild Kits

SU Rebuild Kit Includes: Mounting Gasket, Air Filter Gasket, Main Jet, Metering Needle, Float Needle/Seat, Gasket Pack (all the washers, float bowl cover gasket, float bowl cover gasket, jet spring, o-rings, inner jet cork packings, etc....)

Above: H Type Thermo Rebuild Kit

Above: HD Thermo Rebuild Kit

Zenith Stromberg* Rebuild Kits Include: Mounting Gaskets, Air Filter Gasket, Gasket Pack (all the little gaskets, shaft seals, O-Rings), Silicon Grease and Large Piston Diaphragm.  

*Zenith Stromberg Rebuild Kits DO NOT contain: jets, or metering needle, but they are available! 

Above: Zenith Stromberg 175 Rebuild Kit

Above: 5365 - Zenith 150 CD rebuild Kit / Water Choke

Bypass Diaphragm Kit

Above: Eliminator 2 SU HIF Rebuild Kit for Harley Davidson

Made in U.S.A.